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Why accept a placement offer?

This is a very common question. "Why send my child to an OC class when my child's school have said that they have their own enrichment class, A stream class?"


The simple answer is that an OC class draws from a large group of students, allowing for talented children to be brought together from many different schools. A local school enrichment class would find it difficult to have a full class of gifted students, so even though they are called enrichment classes, many of the students involved may not be gifted or talented.


When asking past students this question, they all agree that one of the best things about being in an OC class is that they get to work with other like-minded students. It is a joy to see the student who is obsessed with a particular subject, like Ancient Egypt or world history, meet someone the same age who is interested in the same, or a similar topic. Often the feeling of isolation that gifted children feel in a mainstream classroom is alleviated when they join an OC class as they finally have like-minded students to talk to. Socially, this often displaces feelings of being different or isolated.


The topics of work covered in an OC class are highly engaging as they allow for students to work at their own level, study topics that are interesting to them and complete tasks that are suited to their ability.

As the curriculum is compacted, students have the opportunity to accelerate their learning – completing year 6, 7 and sometimes even Year 8 work while they are still in year 5 and 6. There is also a strong focus on learning through problem solving.


Often there is a misconception that an OC class just provides more work. At Cessnock OC, the work given to students is more challenging and complex, rather than just more work at the same level.

At Cessnock OC, we focus on developing independent learning strategies, including students determining much of the direction of their own learning and being responsible for its completion. Time management is also focussed upon during the two year OC program. This develops important skills needed for high school.


Unlike structures that may operate in a mainstream classroom which must cater for a full range of ability levels and work speeds, where students have finished their work and are given ‘fast finishers' work, in the Cessnock OC class as work is completed via contract, students are able to continue on with quality assignments rather than filling in valuable learning time with often repetitive work.